Game Dev Meet Lisbon Live #3

June is nearly over and in it’s last Friday, the 24th, a bunch of people interested in game development gathered for the now traditional meeting of, well, people interested in game development.

This time around the event took place at the University Institute of Lisbon (ISCTE-IUL), in a classroom specially rearranged for the event. There were rows of comfy chairs facing the projector, ample table room to showcase games and even a place for food and drinks, courteously provided by the University.

Everything was set for the start of the event and, around 7pm, people began arriving and mingling among some familiar faces and a few new ones. A friendly and casual atmosphere has been the hallmark of these events and this latest one was no different.

Soon, it was was time to greet our special guests, all the way from Germany and into our projector: Johannes Figlhuber, a Lead Artist and Steffen Unger, a 3D Character Artist, both from Airborn Studios and both recent winners of the BAFTA Video Game Awards with the game Ori and the Blind Forest.

What followed was one hour of good natured Q&A with two incredibly talented artists who clearly learned a lot from making Ori and the Blind Forest.

Questions ranged from technical and informative - “How did the game design change as development progressed?” to funny and metaphysical - “How banana free is your office environment?”

On the whole it was a great Q&A session and we would like to thank our guests for their time, insight and wit.

The hour flew by effortlessly and afterwards people gathered to mingle some more and try the games present, all whilst partaking in some delicious finger food.

Ricardo Toureiro once again showcased his latest build of Project Buds (code name) which this time focused on a more relaxing game experience

You can read more about the version he brought to the meeting, by reading up Ricardo’s own blog post about the event’s build: Devlog 7 - The Lighthouse

Giovanna Mateus also graced us with the game she's working on along side Manuel Silva - a hybrid tabletop and mobile game for tablets called Tiles Domination - “it's a turn-based conquest game with the board on the tablet and actual playing cards. The players use the same play figure and try to dominate tiles and destroy their enemies’ precious gem in order to destroy their opponent's egg. Both players have to acquire most points of power as possible to win the game. Action and Mystery cards are crucial to get advantages and sabotage the opponent (ex.: destroy dominations), this way the players will encounter unexpected twists during the game.”

Last but not least we had Filipe Pedras’s Ballz (name of the game) - a mobile game where the players tilt the device to move their ball on a playing field and try to avoid an increasing number of other balls moving around, in what made for a great “just one more try” kind of game.

You can try it yourself on the Play Store.

Lastly, we leave you with the live recording of the event, including the conversation with our special guests: #GameDevMeet Lisbon Live #3

As well as some more photos of the event.

Until next time!