MOJO '16

Here's a photo-report of MOJO '16 ("Montra de Jogos do Técnico"), a showcase event for videogames made by students of Instituto Superior Técnico, in Portugal, which happened this week on the 24th May.

MOJO exists for almost a decade now, and the games shown each year become increasingly more promising. This edition was located at the Taguspark campus of that university in Lisbon, Oeiras. Students were showing their games to the general public. For them this was not only an opportunity to show their creations, but also to fully test them with "normal" players so to speak.
The event has also become a hub for all sorts of development-related networking, for talent seekers and industry veterans to meet. This year the showcased projects also had partnerships with other videogame-related entities such as Miniclip, Oddschool, among others.

The showcased games this year were:

  • Beast Balloon (link)
  • Beyond Earth (link)
  • Big Game Hunter (link)
  • Feed The Birdies (link)
  • Fish n' Slaps (link)
  • Foundation (link)
  • Hella Cute (link)
  • HellKeeper 
  • Hero of Light (link)
  • Lóng Eclipse (link)
  • Ludificação 
  • Ninja Momentum (link
  • Overwall (link)
  • Path of the Warrior (link
  • Shape Frenzy (link)
  • Space Vikings (link)
  • The Last Tsuru (link)
  • Village Champion (link)
You can also read more about it here [the article is in Portuguese].

The video-game department of Instituto Superior Técnico is currently working on an archive with the all the entries from past events, as well as these. Right now you can visit Instituto Superior Técnico's "Game Area" here.

Meanwhile, as we wait for more details and public releases for these games, here are some photos of the ones that were at the event:


Village Champion


Hero of Light

Hella Cute

Fish n' Slaps

Beast Balloon

Ninja Momentum

The Last Tsuru

Shape Frenzy

Space Vikings

Path of The Warrior

Feed The Birdies

Big Game Hunter