Game Dev Meet Lisbon Live #5

'Twas that time of the month once more and so, on the 30th of September, a couple dozen game developers gathered in the University Institute of Lisbon (ISCTE) for an event that forever will be known as the one where the cake was not a lie.

This time instead of a special guest we decided to setup a projector and link up via Skype with another meet happening at the same time in Braga. Technical issues aside, it was pretty cool to share our experiences and have a window to another group of people doing the same thing we were. It's not often that we all get together with game developers around the country and feel connected to the national community, so anything we can do to strengthen those bonds is worth trying.

Then we had a special guest anyway. The illustrious Marco Vale graced both meets by giving a quick presentation about the process of creating art for Shutix.

Speaking of games, there were a few being showcased:

Entanglement is a puzzle platformer game, being developed by Filipe Baptista, that mainly explores the concept of symmetry. You play as a character with a doppelganger, which mimics your moves symmetrically. You have to find out how to guide each character to their respective door in order to complete the puzzles.

Colossorama by Jorge Carvalho and Jose Sanchez, is a hack-and-slash arcade game where you play as a gladiator and must use an arsenal of different weapons and items to slay enemy gladiators. The player’s score is measured by the amount of gladiator heads that have been decapitated. Obviously.

Mein Pantz by Lazy Panda, is a humorist graphic adventure game where the objective is to help the dictator find his pants so he can give his big speech. Along the way the player will find some funny references, iconic characters and a few mini-games.

Uranos from Disconnect, is a 1v1 multiplayer trippy take on snake vs. bomberman. It recently became a finalist in the Playstation Awards.

Last but not least we have Crystalverse by Arcade Thumb, a local co-op action adventure game portraying the story of two explorers that find the ruins of an ancient civilization and become separated into parallel realities.
You can follow the game's development on Twitch where he streams on Tuesdays and Fridays.

With that, we leave you with some photos from the event. See you at the next meeting!


Game Dev Meet Lisbon Live #3

June is nearly over and in it’s last Friday, the 24th, a bunch of people interested in game development gathered for the now traditional meeting of, well, people interested in game development.

This time around the event took place at the University Institute of Lisbon (ISCTE-IUL), in a classroom specially rearranged for the event. There were rows of comfy chairs facing the projector, ample table room to showcase games and even a place for food and drinks, courteously provided by the University.


Game Dev Meet Lisbon Live! #2

On the 27th of May (friday), once again the monthly meet between Portuguese Game Developers was held, this time at the café/event area inside FNAC, Centro Comercial Colombo.

There was much anticipation for this meet as to see how it would hold at a public location, specially considering it was a store. However, it would be fair to point out that, even though it is technically a point of commerce, FNAC also acts as a cultural point of sorts for all kinds of people, regarding all type of culture: literature, music, cinema, comics, photography, technology and, of course, video games. As such, there was some curiosity as to how the experiment would go. Would the general public be interested? Would they interact with us? Would we feel comfortable and casual as usual?


MOJO '16

Here's a photo-report of MOJO '16 ("Montra de Jogos do Técnico"), a showcase event for videogames made by students of Instituto Superior Técnico, in Portugal, which happened this week on the 24th May.


Game Dev Meet Lisbon Live! #1

Na passada sexta-feira, dia 29 de Abril, realizou-se o encontro mensal de criadores de jogos em Lisboa, realizado na sede da Microsoft Portugal, no Parque das Nações. 

Para os que possam não conhecer o evento; todas os meses organizam-se encontros informais, tanto em Lisboa como no Porto, onde tanto criadores estabelecidos como iniciantes (curiosos também estão convidados) podem partilhar experiências, discutir sobre a criação de jogos, e expor os jogos em que andam a trabalhar ou já completados. Qualquer pessoa pode simplesmente levar um portátil (ou qualquer outra plataforma), mostrar o seu jogo e experimentar os jogos feitos por outros. Os encontros fornecem a oportunidade para receber feedback por parte de outros developers, discutir ideias e socializar.

Nesta ultima edição do evento em Lisboa, estiveram em exposição 3 projectos, dois deles produtos de game jams e o outro um projecto ainda em desenvolvimento.


GDD JAM '16 - A Tua Ideia Dava Um Jogo?

A Lisbon Game Conference e A Ludoteca apresentam a GDD JAM '16 - A Tua Ideia Dava Um Jogo?
Este é um concurso para o melhor documento de game design sobre um jogo acerca de Fernando Pessoa.
As equipas que desenvolverem os conceitos de jogo que interpretem a vida e/ou obra do artista de forma mais interessantes, irão apresentar o seu projecto na LGC 16' em Novembro.
Data de entrega: 10 de Maio a 30 de Setembro
10 a 20 páginas, que incluem: um pitch de elevador (parágrafo), diagramas de mecânicas de jogo, e um storyboard.
O prémio final será anunciado em breve.
Lisbon Game Conference and A Ludoteca present GDD JAM '16, a game design document contest about Fernando Pessoa.
Dates: May 10th to September 30th
Requirements: an elevator pitch, a mechanics diagram, and a storyboard (10 pages minimum).

Hello World

25 de Abril, 2016.
O site de
A Ludoteca está finalmente a funcionar. Aproveitaremos este feriado e dia histórico para lançar também um concurso de game design documents pelas escolas e universidades portuguesas, com o tema baseado em Fernando Pessoa.
April 25, 2016.

A Ludoteca's website is finally up.
Today we're launching a game design document contest for Portuguese schools and universities, based on Fernando Pessoa.